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Getting Started with Spirited Chiropractic

Before Your Visit

When you call to book your initial visit, we will go over background about our practice as well as gather general information from you. Once you are scheduled, we will send you a new patient email with paperwork to fill out online. We ask that you be as detailed as possible in your paperwork so that our Doctors will be able to give you the best care possible.

Your First Visit

Your initial evaluation is a time for our Doctors to get you know you and set your wellness goals. We will go over your history and any information that you wish to discuss. From there, they will recommend care that is catered to you and your individual needs. If you are ready to begin treatment, you will then receive your first adjustment.

Continued Care

During your adjustment, our Doctors will suggest recommendations for care and how frequent you should receive treatment. It is important to keep up with Chiropractic care regularly to maintain your adjustments and keep reaching your wellness goals.

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