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Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family



Dr. Brooke Desser, D.C. is a family chiropractor in Palm Beach County. Over the last 8 years
she has been offering family chiropractic care for all ages, serving the greater Wellington area. She is truly passionate about helping others through holistic healthcare and offering chiropractic care that can improve her patient’s quality of life. Dr. Brooke has extensive training and passion for prenatal and pediatric care and has sought after further education to improve her skills that she can offer her patients.

As a Webster Certified Chiropractor, she can offer her prenatal patients this great technique to assist in their pregnancy journey. She offers a wide range of chiropractic techniques which allows her to develop a plan of care that works for each individual patient. She was able to find her passion in delivering holistic healthcare and in turn has been able to see so many positive changes in patients’ lives over the years



You don’t have to be a mom or dad to be adjusted! A majority of adults seek us out for help with hormones, sleep, stress levels, pain and more. Chiropractic can benefit anyone at any age! Common symptoms that may indicate chiropractic care can help: back and neck pain, lessened mobility, headaches, sleep difficulty, poor posture. We want you to come in and feel your best!


 Prenatal adjustments aim to give the best possible outcome of pelvic alignment, ligament and muscle balance. This would offer comfort for mama and an ideal environment as the baby grows. We continue care throughout the Postpartum phase as well to keep mama supported as she is navigating motherhood. 


We love seeing kids of all ages in our care. They may be struggling with sleep disruption, anxiety, weak immune systems, or they are healthy and you want to maintain that. If we have been on mamas birth team, we get to meet their newest babies right from the start! Other times, families find us to help their baby with some common issues such as colic, torticollis, reflux, constipation or general discomfort.

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